6 Reasons to Make Money Freelance Writing for Vocal & Jerrick Media

Thinking of freelance writing for Jerrick Media’s new pay-per-view platform? You should! Here’s why, and how to start…

It’s called Vocal, and this is my second article about it. Here’s my first…

Why? Because I genuinely believe it is a great opportunity for freelancers of all stripes. And I promised you six reasons, so here they are:

#1 They make it so incredibly simple!

Sign up for free at their platform’s website, Vocal, and start writing your article! You can use my referral link; I want you to!  Helps me out, too…

#2 Vocal pays you based on views!

They encourage their authors to promote their own work. So the better you are at self promotion, the more you can make. It isn’t just a one-time payment type of thing. You can earn passive income for potentially years on your articles!

In my case, most of my work was submitted before the advent of Vocal. So I was paid per article. But they were gracious enough to include all my old articles into this system, thus allowing me to earn extra money off those pieces. It’s fantastic; I’m literally getting paid twice for the work.

New contributors won’t have that option, but regardless, you can submit an article and watch the views rack up and your earnings grow…and a lot of that depends on your own initiative. Jerrick does promote authors, as well. Their sites get traffic, plus they do promote on social media, such as Twitter. And I believe they also occasionally boost preferred articles, ones which have evergreen appeal. My most popular article has been Most Underrated Sci-Fi Movies! 

Vocal screenshot

#3 Jerrick Media is becoming well known!

Launched with their reboot of the classic OMNI magazine, Jerrick has since grown to encompass over a dozen new sites! They are all over the web!

Vocal incorporates The Swamp (about political news), Feast (about food, natch…), Beat (music), and Proof (booze), OMNI (science), Potent (cannabis), Longevity (life extension), Journal (work), Geeks (sci-fi and pop culture), and Filthy (sex!). 


#4 Jerrick Media’s variety means they need all kinds of articles!

No matter what you want to write about, there is almost certainly a home for your work with Jerrick Media. Vocal lets you craft your article, inserting photos and videos and affiliate links along the way. Then at the end, you decide which magazine you’d like to submit to!

Again, here’s that list of sites:

Vocal incorporates The Swamp (about political news), Feast (about food, natch…), Beat (music), and Proof (booze), OMNI (science), Potent (cannabis), Longevity (life extension), Journal (work), Geeks (sci-fi and pop culture), and Filthy (sex!). 


#5 Their staff is amazingly friendly!

Anytime I’ve reached out to their editor or other staff, they’ve always been super helpful and responsive. They’re also encouraging and offer helpful feedback.

Basically it seems that their honest goal is to help writers succeed. And that is a blessing!

#6 They are continuing to grow, so now is the perfect time to get your foot in the door!

I was an early content producer for Jerrick, and so when they launched their Vocal platform, they offered me a chance to beta test it. It was easy to learn and they have tutorials built-in. Not much harder than typing my work onto a Word doc and emailing it in. In fact, I felt like Vocal was better. I had more control; I was driving the bus! And again, it allows you to insert the photos and other media you want, where you want.

Naturally this is all contingent upon the staff accepting your submission. 95% of my articles were accepted, with only minor tweaks ever made. That doesn’t mean they don’t care about quality. Just means they’re efficient!

So there you go. For more details, please do check out my main article: Freelance Writing for Vocal & Jerrick Media.

And again, if you do sign up, do me a nice favor and use this link! 

Because that’s another feature that is great about them–in some cases, they offer referral links to help authors earn even more extra income, if they bring new writers into the fold. Guess I should’ve called this article 7 Reasons to Write for Vocal & Jerrick Media!


Blurb from my eBook, Why Are You Still Working? 

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Here, in this book, is how I did it. There is no great secret to it. The only mystery is, what took so long!

At 44 years old, I left a good-paying job, packed up the family, and have been living a dream life on the Aegean Coast ever since…all the while NOT working, but instead focusing on taking things easy, spending lots of quality time with my family, and just plain old goofing off! (Yes, I did write this eBook in my spare time; I have lots and lots of spare time!)

You, too, have the ability to live life on your own terms, to ‘do it your way.’ But only if you really want it! You have to act; you must make it happen, because it won’t happen on by itself.

‘Why Are You Still Working?’ clearly outlines the exact steps I took to go from living and working in one of America’s most expensive areas to reassessing my priorities, downshifting and downsizing, and resettling in a place others only get to visit on vacation while paying the bills as a digital nomad with a pension. Not every tip will apply to every person; I realize that. Every situation is different. But most will apply, if we’re willing to keep an open mind.

In this updated version, I’ve hyperlinked to the new Why Are You Still Working website, which offers even more in-depth tips and insights. There’s no magic to it, and no schemes or tricks, and I’m not selling any over-priced online courses or trying suck anyone into a ‘customer funnel.’

It’s just down-to-Earth, common sense advice that any person can apply, plus tips to help anyone go from burnt-out employee to blissful beach bum… It’s easier than you think–the hardest part is just doing it!

The second hardest part? Sticking to it! But trust me when I say, every day of my mega early retirement is better than a day on the job!

But Why Are You Still Working isn’t only about retirement. It’s about independence!

Maybe you still want to work, but haven’t considered all the options…like working from home, working freelance, working online, working as a digital nomad selling your services and products on your own time, from anywhere on Earth! This book explores a few such concepts, and links to resources to dig in deeper.

Give it a try! You’ve got nothing to lose…and a whole new life to gain!

Read the first chapter free right here! 


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