Make Money Online Instantly from Writing on Upwork

You want to make money online instantly? Well, what’s your definition of “instantly?” This second? This hour? Within 24 hours? Here’s how to make money using

Here is what I can tell you about making money instantly on Upwork.

I can tell you how to find a customer who will pay you to write something for them.

Next, you write and submit the article or whatever it is.

Then they release the payment to you, via Paypal! So the faster you find and finish the gig, the faster you’ll earn extra income online! I have had one-day turnarounds, in some cases.

But you’ll never get a dime until you start. So let’s hop to it, shall we?

Quick note, though: If you are in super dire need of cash this second, then this is not for you because it may take a couple days for the payment to process. But you’ll be able to see when they authorize the payment and where it is at.

Okay, let’s make money online fast. It’s actually pretty easy. In fact you probably already know where I am going with this…

Yes, I’m talking (again) about!

Why am I talking about this again, when I just posted an article about it? Because I feel pretty stoked about sharing this info, and I want it to get as many readers as possible. I am trying to build traffic to my new blog here, after all! But also, honestly, I am still finding folks out there who do NOT know you can make money online, or they have a vague idea about it, but don’t think they can do it.

Well, they’re wrong! I know, because I was the same way. Until I started my first gig on Upwork, a little over a year ago. Since then, I’ve made over $3,400 from 32 freelance writing jobs, all done on my crappy $200 ASUS laptop! 

No, that is not a fortune by any stretch, but that’s not the point. The point is, I’m lazy! Actually, no, the point is, it is very, very possible to earn extra money fast online, and if I weren’t so lazy, I could make a lot more. So can you!

Keep reading to see how to earn quick cash on Uwpork 🙂 

upwork screen.JPG

Okay, go visit the Upwork website now, or when you are done reading this. Or don’t, it’s up to you. You could also visit, I guess….

Now, here’s what I did when I first visited Upwork. I created a quick profile, nothing fancy to begin with, but not rushed, either. Then I bid on the first creative writing job that sounded like fun to do. I think the client listed a budget of $60 or so. I bid $40, as I recall, because I wanted to undercut any competition in order to get that first gig!

It worked! I got the very first job I bid for on Upwork. And frankly I worked my tail off on it, too! I really over-delivered, in my humble opinion, researching and writing and editing my heart out to deliver the best product I could to the client.

At the time, Upwork was taking 10% commission (it is 20% now, but they have a sliding scale; the more you make from a client, the less they charge), so I only ended up with $36 or so (I could go back and look it up, but it was around that figure). I must’ve spend a few hours on the project, though…certainly more than what I got paid. But guess what?

The customer LOVED it! I received a stellar feedback…AND they reached back to me for a follow-up gig. So I tried my best to knock that job out of the ballpark, too, and you guess it–another fantastic feedback from the client.

I was off to a great start! And now I have “Top Rated” status and a perfect Job Success Score…


Okay, enough about me. I don’t want to bore you. I just wanted to share my experience of landing two quick freelance writing gigs back-to-back online, and the site I did it on was

This link here tell you more about how their program works for freelancers. This is not an affiliate link; I get absolutely nothing from Upwork for referrals or anything like that!

How to start on Upwork

But I do highly recommend you check out my full article about Upwork, here. It’s called Make Thousands of Dollars Freelance Writing! 


And if you’d like to see a few other sites that offer payment for creative services, check out my other article, How to Make Money Online Selling Creative Services! 

Now, if making money instantly is not your goal, but you still want to write for some online magazines, then boy have I got an article for YOU! Two, actually!

The first is Freelance Writing for Vocal & Jerrick Media.

Jerrick just launched their new author platform for writers to sign up and submit articles. Anyone can sign up and submit directly. If their editors approve the submission then it gets posted and monetized.

Vocal & Jerrick Media

The second article is actually a follow-up: 

6 Reasons to Write for Vocal & Jerrick Media (Post #2)

If you just so happen to be bored and not in need of money at the present time (yeah, right!), you’re also welcome to check out the writer’s submission guidelines for my own little blog here! Can’t offer payment at this time, but if your submission is accepted, you can plug your own product or service!


Blurb from my eBook, Why Are You Still Working? 

Have you lost your mind? You want to quit work and retire…at YOUR age? Who said you could do that?
Get up and go to work, you bum! Go every day until you die!

After all these years, aren’t you bored to death of the daily grind, of your boss, of the commute? Don’t you really, seriously think you could find SOMETHING better to do with that 40-plus hours of your week?

Hmm, you may be on to something.

Because you know in your heart, life doesn’t have to be like this; it SHOULDN’T be like this!

Don’t work yourself into the grave. We all deserve our freedom at some point… So why not now? Right now!

So many of us are MUCH closer to being able to retire than we realize. In some cases, we are capable of it right this minute…but we feel like we’re not prepared to make the leap. For me, it took a year to decide, but once I did there was no going back.

Here, in this book, is how I did it. There is no great secret to it. The only mystery is, what took so long!

At 44 years old, I left a good-paying job, packed up the family, and have been living a dream life on the Aegean Coast ever since…all the while NOT working, but instead focusing on taking things easy, spending lots of quality time with my family, and just plain old goofing off! (Yes, I did write this eBook in my spare time; I have lots and lots of spare time!)

You, too, have the ability to live life on your own terms, to ‘do it your way.’ But only if you really want it! You have to act; you must make it happen, because it won’t happen on by itself.

‘Why Are You Still Working?’ clearly outlines the exact steps I took to go from living and working in one of America’s most expensive areas to reassessing my priorities, downshifting and downsizing, and resettling in a place others only get to visit on vacation while paying the bills as a digital nomad with a pension. Not every tip will apply to every person; I realize that. Every situation is different. But most will apply, if we’re willing to keep an open mind.

In this updated version, I’ve hyperlinked to the new Why Are You Still Working website, which offers even more in-depth tips and insights. There’s no magic to it, and no schemes or tricks, and I’m not selling any over-priced online courses or trying suck anyone into a ‘customer funnel.’

It’s just down-to-Earth, common sense advice that any person can apply, plus tips to help anyone go from burnt-out employee to blissful beach bum… It’s easier than you think–the hardest part is just doing it!

The second hardest part? Sticking to it! But trust me when I say, every day of my mega early retirement is better than a day on the job!

But Why Are You Still Working isn’t only about retirement. It’s about independence!

Maybe you still want to work, but haven’t considered all the options…like working from home, working freelance, working online, working as a digital nomad selling your services and products on your own time, from anywhere on Earth! This book explores a few such concepts, and links to resources to dig in deeper.

Give it a try! You’ve got nothing to lose…and a whole new life to gain!

Read the first chapter free right here! 



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