Are You Hard to Motivate?

Mad English Lab

Why are some people wildly successful, despite having overwhelming odds against them…while others do very little in their lives, despite having every opportunity handed to them on a silver platter?

Benedict Cumberbatch as Hamlet Benedict Cumberbatch as Hamlet

This was actually a problem Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, himself faced. He spent much of the play sitting around doing nothing! Why? What was his problem? What is the problem with people like this, who have all the chances in the world, but can’t seem to get themselves going?

Motivation, obviously.

But what is motivation? And why are some of us so HARD to motivate???

Okay, I believe there are basically two types of motivation:

There is EXTERNAL motivationthose things outside of us that make us want to do something… These could be things like wanting to impress our family with our new job, or wanting to make more money to buy a new…

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