Why Not Learn Something New at Work?

Mad English Lab

If you have a little free time at your workplace, why not spend it learning things?

I live overseas and every day I see people who are working pretty boring, low-paying jobs. These jobs require them to sit in one place for long periods of time. Maybe they are just watching a shop, waiting for a customer, or they are standing in a restaurant waiting for a customer…whatever, they are not doing anything. Just waiting. And waiting.

Actually, no–many of them ARE doing something. They are looking at their smartphones, texting, doing stuff on social media, watching a video. But what are they NOT doing?

They are not learning anything new. 

What they knew yesterday, they know today. What they know today, they’ll know tomorrow.

Nothing changes. Including their salaries, and their futures. They are not reaching their own personal potentials. 

I always liked the film Good Will Hunting

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